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A New Standard for Commercial Foundations.

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Laying a residential foundation of the highest quality is the first step towards building the home of your dreams.



A solid pile foundation is essential for the construction of a utility-scale solar array.



Investing in a premier commercial foundation sets the groundwork for a prosperous business infrastructure.

Active Soils Require a Proactive Solution

At Tella Firma, we understand the importance of a solid foundation. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our techniques and have earned over 12 process patents in our quest for ultimate reliability and efficiency. Our patented structural foundation system is designed to safeguard buildings from the unpredictability of active soils, ensuring long-term stability and peace of mind.

We’re experts in cost-effective, weather-proof solutions that keep your project timelines on track. For a helical pier foundation system or sometimes called helical pile foundations, we are adept at countering the instability that active soils can cause. We have an evolved, hybrid commercial foundation process that costs less to install and is less susceptible to timing, labor and weather uncertainties. Our patented process, elevates a slab-on-grade foundation above active soils to protect the slab from damaging soil swells, contractions, and movement.

Why choose Tella Firma Foundations for your Commercial Projects on Active Soils?


Emphasis On Quality
From The Ground Up

Over fifty years of established engineering practices are leveraged in a high-quality solution that matches the performance of widely used commercial standards. Whether it’s a helical pier system or concrete pier foundation, we ensure a solid start for your construction project.

Cost-Effective Without
Compromising On Efficiency

Tella Firma is more cost-effective to install than remediation options or suspended foundations using carton forms or crawl spaces. For example, our helical pier solution provides faster installation, less dependence on weather, and a reduction of labor-related errors, all while requiring less concrete.


Weather cannot be controlled, but the risks of unforeseen rainfall can be mitigated. During construction, Tella Firma Foundations can utilize its helical piles installation. This is a more weather-tolerant construction process and allows foundation installation much sooner in wet conditions.


Tella Firma holds 12 patents on a process developed specifically to save time and money while minimizing risk.

Tested. Proven. Cost-effective.

We at Tella Firma Foundations pride ourselves on our reputation as a proven provider of cost-effective solutions. Commercial developers who see the immediate benefits in time and cost savings quickly understand why Tella Firma is earning a reputation as the new standard in foundations on active soils.

Tella Firma Diagram

Concrete Slab


Plastic Sleeve


Void Space


Lifting Mechanism


Concrete Pier

About TELLA FIRMA Products

We specialize in an array of services, including helical piers installation, sometimes called helical piles installation, tailored to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and solar sectors.

Tella Firma Helical Piers

Compared to concrete-cased piers, helical piers offer faster installation, less dependence on weather, and reduction of labor-related errors, all while requiring less concrete. Our skilled team works with precision to ensure the foundation of your project is solid, secure, and able to withstand even the most active soils.

Patented Tella Firma Commercial Lifting Mechanisms

Our patented Tella Firma commercial lifting mechanisms are a testament to our commitment to excellence. These systems allow for quicker installation, are cost-effective, and offer reliable protection against active soils. Tella Firma lifting mechanisms, including helical piles installation, are the cornerstone of its patented technology. The system reduces the typical number of piers required for commercial foundations, and consist of:

  • A load-bearing plate that sits atop a pile
  • A lifting bolt that bears against the embed plate
  • A threaded puck (cast in the bottom of the slab) that accepts the lifting bolt
  • A sleeve and cap to prevent concrete from fouling the puck threads


“A Tella Firma foundation has removed all the anxiety about building on the expansive soils we find in North Texas.”

David Hunstman & Larry WalkerHuntsman-Walker Construction

“Tella Firma is the long-awaited answer to the need for an economical way to create structurally suspended slabs. When compared to the use of carton forms, Tella Firma a faster, more convenient, and less costly.  We are delighted to be working with Tella Firma to lift slabs.”

Fred Marshall, PresidentStructural Repair, LLC, General Partner for Advanced Foundation Repair, LP

“Tella Firma is efficient, economical, and easy to use. We’ve created additional value for our residents by offering this foundation, and we’ve had a very positive response.”

Stewart Parker, Division President Lennar, Dallas-Fort Worth

“A solid foundation is our first priority. A Tella Firma foundation gives us the confidence we need to build high quality homes that new homebuyers deserve.”

Tom LondonThomas Signature Homes

“Expansive soils can be challenging, and Tella Firma provides a fast, convenient way to create a structurally suspended slab isolated from unstable conditions. It is a practical solution for a high value foundation at an economical cost.”

James B. Atkins, FAIAExpert Witness and Consulting Services

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