(DALLAS-August 5, 2019) Tella Firma Foundations, a construction-tech company, today announced that Ryan Goard has been named Chief Executive Officer, in addition to his current title as President. Ryan has successfully run the company since joining as President in 2018.

“I’m very pleased to announce that the board has unanimously promoted Ryan Goard to the position of CEO and a member of the Board of Directors,” said Jim Fontaine, Chairman of the Board of Tella Firma Foundations. “The Board is very pleased with Ryan’s performance, and we believe that he is fully ready to take on the full role as President, CEO, and Board Member.”

Goard spent the past twenty years in various sales management roles in the construction and manufacturing industries. In addition to leading the company through two successful quarters this year, he also has helped spearhead a push into the Oil and Gas Industry.

“I am fortunate to be a part of such an extremely talented team that is driven to carry out the vision of Tella Firma,” said Goard. “I’m very honored with this recognition and look forward to leading our team to prominence in the construction industry.”

The Tella Firma foundation system has been used by dozens of builders, with nearly 2,000 foundations installed in commercial and residential projects and is backed by seven issued patents. Tella Firma foundations are designed to protect a building’s foundation from damaging active soil movement with a field-tested process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation using piers, creating a protective void between the ground and the foundation itself. This application isolates the slab from active soils and guards it from unexpected movement. Tella Firma’s solution is an environmentally friendly, green installation process that avoids the need for any type of chemical or water injection into the soil as part of construction.

About Tella Firma Foundations
Dallas-based Tella Firma is a construction technology firm that is revolutionizing the way foundations are built. Tella Firma gets its name from the Latin words meaning “strong castle or structure.” Foundations with the company’s product have been installed in residential and light commercial projects in Texas and Colorado, and the company continues to expand into new markets throughout the region. For additional information, visit tellafirma.com.