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Tella Firma Foundations Featured on Designing Texas with Jocelyn White

Jocelyn-White's-PR--Tella-Firma-Foundations-Featured-on-Design2(FRISCO—February 23, 2016) Designing Texas with Jocelyn White featured Tella Firma Foundations (www.tellafirma.com) in the show’s February episode. Tella Firma is providing foundations for numerous custom homes, including two Show Homes that are featured on Designing Texas and serve as models for the exclusive Hills of Kingswood neighborhood in Frisco, Texas.

“We are thrilled to be featured on the show and to be working with many of the great custom builders in the Hills of Kingswood,” said Jim Fontaine, CEO of Tella Firma. “The soils in this part of Frisco require an elevated foundation to minimize the risk associated with soil volatility, and our foundation is a great solution for active soils. It gives clients peace of mind to know their foundation is strong and isolated from the active soils.”

Tella Firma has become the go-to foundation for several builders in the neighborhood, but Fontaine is quick to point out it is not just for custom homes.

“Until recently, most elevated-slab foundations were used only for commercial buildings or custom homes,” said Fontaine. “Tella Firma is the first company to bring a commercial foundation to the production home market at an affordable price. Viewers can get the same foundation they are seeing on this episode of Designing Texas by just asking their builder.”

John Zouzelka, President of The Tower Group, the developer of the Hills of Kingswood, said the partnership with Tella Firma is creating a solid foundation for the community.

“Every custom home begins with the foundation, and this new technology will be a great complement for home owners in the Hills of Kingswood,” said Zouzelka. “Because of the topography, which includes beautiful rolling hills along with steep drop-offs, builders wanted to give their clients a worry-free foundation that would take the soil volatility into account.”

By using a field-tested, patented process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation, Tella Firma creates a protective void between the ground and the home itself. This application isolates the slab and guards it from damaging soil swells, contractions and unexpected movement caused by light earthquakes. Most foundation damage results from soil movement that can be caused by expansion and contraction of clay soils due to moisture change or by seismic activity.

The Tella Firma foundation system is based on commercial engineering principles used for over 50 years. The system provides the strength and protection of a pier-and-beam foundation yet is much more affordable and takes less time to install when compared to most traditional, suspended foundations. Tella Firma foundations also utilize a green installation process to avoid the need for any type of chemical or water injection into the soil under the home.

The Tella Firma segment can be seen here: https://youtu.be/y5ZUkgVlpn4 Designing Texas airs locally at 11 am on the third Sunday of every month on WFAA-TV.

About Tella Firma Foundations
Dallas-based Tella Firma Foundations, is revolutionizing the way home foundations are built. The Tella Firma name is from the Latin “strong home.” Foundations with the company’s product have been installed throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tella Firma plans to expand into new residential and commercial developments throughout the area. For more information, go to tellafirma.com.